Sacrifice has been in existence since, where you have to give animal sacrifices to higher beings. Sacrifices are every where, from the Bible, to those worshipping small gods. But that's not what I'll be talking about today. Sacrifice typically means to give something up of value to get something even more valuable in future. The [...]



Music is a gift.Music is an art.Music is my life.Music is my solace.Music is my religion.Music is my greatest love.Music is my eternal companion.Music to me is as essential as breathing.Music is one of the basic necessities of life.Music is boundless energy that refreshes me.Music fills the void I feel every waking moment.Music is the [...]


Hi guyssssss, how are y'all doing today? it's day 7 of the writing challenge and I'm super excited that I'm consistent. Consistency is key guys! Today's topic is "gratitude". Gratitude refers to an attitude of thankfulness and a desire to show appreciation for an action or event. Taken a step further, gratitude refers to an [...]


Hey guysssssss, how's this week going? It's day 6 of the writing challenge, and I'm so excited I'm keeping up. Today's topic is 'opinion'. We all have an opinion on something. We have opinions on politics, people, places. You name it, and someone will have an opinion on it. But there is only one opinion [...]

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