Just do you

I’ve used this picture everywhere lol

Welcome to my blog guys!

I know I always disappoint you guys here, because I’m the one always telling you that I will be posting here regularly, but will still be the one posting in the next 3 weeks or one month. I just want to say that I am sorry for giving you all high hopes, I will do better next time. But I promise you this time around, it isn’t my fault, but we will talk about that later.

I miss you guys every day, really. I am still marvelled at the fact that I still get views even without posting here, you guys are the real MVPs and I love you so so much. Anyways, I hope I met you good? how has this week been for you guys?

Have you finally decided on what exactly you waiting for? Read my last blog post here if you’re lost.

Currently listening to Rihanna’s old albums. I feel so sad that she’s not going to give us more classics. Is it just me or old jams are always the best to listen to? Yes, they’ve all grown big in the industry, but I still prefer these songs to what they’re releasing now. I mean, these songs are golden.

I’ve been busy with my Internship, and it has been a wonderful experience so far. I am currently interning at a magazine firm, a place that is totally different from my field in school. Print is really not my thing. Even though I love writing, I just find news stories boring. But with this, I get to learn more about what I don’t do in school and it has been really awesome. I get to help with handling their social media accounts too.

Recently, I got to travel with an amazing team to Kwara State for an event our firm organised. It was going on smoothly until when I found out the rate at which they sold their food. It was way expensive than I thought. I felt like transporting myself back to Lagos that instant, but I had no choice than staying.

I am really sorry for feeding you with a long story, I just felt the need to tell you whatever is going on with me, so you’ll be able to catch up and won’t be left behind.

I really don’t know what to talk about. I started writing after reading Rouna’s blog post. This girl is always motivating me to write here because once she sends me her link, I always feel guilty and always feel the urge to write again.

So yeah, I found out about Jacob Lee on youtube yesterday and fell in love with his entire being, his music, his hair, his lyrical content and the fact that he plays the guitar. I have since yesterday been hooked with all his songs. I love the conversational nature of his lyrics and the emotions he adds to it. It’s evocative and very relatable. One thing I know for sure is that he gives so much through his songs, and I am pretty sure his songs has helped a lot of people. If you’re the type that listens to intentional songs like I do, you should listen to Jacob Lee, okay?

Christmas is fast approaching and I’m not even hyped about anything. This year has done a lot to me and I really can’t wait for it to be over. Since this December started, y’all have been shouting “Detty December,” I hope y’all are cruising? It’s just sad that I won’t get to join you guys because your girl is broke. I just want money. Is it too much to ask? in “Teni’s voice”.

There’s a major thing I learnt this year, I learnt that you should do what you gotta do. What’s the worst that’ll happen? And nobody actually cares. Walk up to that person, tell the person how you feel, go for job interviews even if you don’t have the years of experience you’re expected have, make that bold move.

Nowadays, we’re encouraged to be bold, try new things we are probably not suited for, fail and try again. While this is a really good thing, like every other good thing, as humans, we’ve found ways to make it extra bad.

Personally, I don’t think I’m a great singer, I mean, I can carry a note and when I sing, glasses don’t shatter and stuff, but I’d never go and audition for something like The Voice. I’m honest with myself. So I know enough not to go do all those things. However, some other people are so so confident. They get even more confident when they watch inspirational talks or attend conferences that make them want to try out new stuff. While that’s good, it doesn’t mean you should go and try things you are OBVIOUSLY not suited for. You’ll probably end up with social anxiety, embarrassing your friends and family and ultimately getting bad looks from people.

Don’t get me wrong boldness is a great quality to have. It’s really attractive but guess what’s even more attractive is realistic boldness. I won’t spend my time and resources like that. Be realistically bold. It’s the best thing you can do for yourself.

I will be leaving now, but I promise you, this is definitely not my last post for the year.

See y’all next time!

Who is your favourite artiste atm?

What is that bold step you took this year?

Tell me your playlist in the comment section, okay?

Leaving a comment will actually go a long way.


By Mo's blog

Hi, My name is Anjorin Molayo. I write to keep my sanity. Welcome to my World.

36 replies on “Just do you”

Khaid is still my all time favourite but today I was jamming to Pitbull so I say he’s the one at the moment.

I took a bold step, one that maybe is going to make or break me in this life. I finally decided to be happy, did the one thing I’ve always wanted. Left home

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Awesomely awesome loving your write up, this is going to motivate me into writing because I have been so lazy to write recently
And by just doing me, I will go for activities that I have been too nervous to do because I WILL JUST DO ME

My fav artiste am so in love with fireboy’s song rn

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Hey baby! Congratulations boo..
I hope I’m eventually inspired to actually post something on my blog..
As far as favourite artistes go,I think I’m a music hoe😁,no favourites for me. I love everything I love..😴
Bold step,finally agreeing that my past relationship was a toxic one.πŸ˜ͺ
Also,finally agreeing to take the steps towards letting feelings go. That’s the best thing I’ve done for myself this year,you know the gist.. 😢
Anyways,God bless you. I’m always a fan!πŸ’“

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There’s a major thing I learnt this year, I learnt that you should do what you gotta do…I got this

It always seems impossible until it’s done, so keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground…

There is HOPE!!!

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awwπŸ₯° this is niceeee…
i enjoyed the fact that you were real and relatable. i think i’ll be visiting this blog in future. just keep us abreast on your post.
merry xmas in advance babes 😘

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I love this. Feels so personal and vulnerable. Thanks for letting us into your space.
Consistency is something I fight with too in writing. These days, I see myself talking it out. Phew!. Trying to be intentional with it. So to you, keep pushing! *hugs*

To your question, I don’t have a particular one but a number of artiste are doing it for me. Likes of Ed Sheeran, James Blunt, Johnny Drille, Simi, AG, Fireboy, Joeboy and any artiste from old whose song(s) warms my heart.

Bold step was deciding not to go back to my former job. Lol. I just felt and knew that wasn’t my place anymore. I was right😁

Playlist is very diverse… from afro pop, hip hop, gospel and r&b.
Sending my love and everything nice.πŸ€—β™₯️

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Please try writing 😩 I feel we express ourselves better through writing. It’s the best I can do.
Thank you for listening to your guts by leaving that place! that thing is always right.
Thank you for stopping by ❀❀


Another banger by Molayo! I just took a screenshot of the part where you said my updates motivate you. My heart melted already.
I don’t think I’ll ever have a favourite artist because a lot of them are just so good. Meanwhile, today’s the first time I’m hearing of Jacob Lee. I’m going to check him out rn. You know you always bring good music into my life. Thank you.
What bold step did I take this year? Nothing is coming to mind now but I totally agree with you on realistic boldness. Imagine me that cannot dance to save my life going for a competition. Lmao I’ll just embarrass everyone I care about. Merry Christmas in advance btw.

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